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Reading Together


Start a Conversation. Create a Movement.

Illiteracy is one of the most solvable issues of our time. Kymyona Burk

This event is virtual and 90 minutes. 

Series of 3

#1. Leave with an action step.

#2. Review progress with the community and refine/make new action steps.

#3. Review and celebrate collective impact. Commit to bold steps and collective actions.

Each of us taking small steps makes a big IMPACT. Join us to fight illiteracy!


Thursday, January 25, 2024

3:00 pm ET

Amplify the voice of practitioners, stakeholders, community members, teachers, and education leaders

Bringing together leaders, practitioners, stakeholders, policy, and research to build a collective understanding of the facilitators and barriers to embedding Science of Reading (SOR) into the day-to-day practices of schools and communities. 
Our goal is to start a conversation and create a movement towards getting the community, stakeholders, and implementers engaged in ensuring ALL students have access to evidence-based reading practices implemented right and well. 

Bring your VOICE into the conversation! YOU MATTER!
Our goal is to converse together and create a movement to make an impact.

Goals of the IMPACT World Cafe

  • Listen to learn and converse to share perspectives.

  • Connect stakeholders, practitioners, policy, and community with each other to build a collective understanding and community of practice.

  • Surface barriers and facilitators to getting SOR in place right and well through reflective questions

  • Engage in facilitated conversations that bring the various communities together to discuss and move to action steps to influence the uptake of SOR.

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What is a World Cafe?

The World Cafe is a collaborative method for creating a living network of dialogue around questions that matter in service to real work.

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