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Steven Carney

Co-founder & Co-director

IMPACT Learning and Leading Group

Steven Carney, M.S. Educational Administration, is the co-founder of the IMPACT Learning and Leadership Group. He is a highly experienced implementation specialist, consultant, facilitator, and coach. His expertise is supporting large and small organizations to implement innovations effectively. He has a wealth of experience in building and delivering research-based professional development and implementation support systems in schools, districts, and organizations. Steven has spent the majority of his career successfully coaching organizational leaders in building effective collaborative cultures focused on implementation and results.

Steven has a passion for contributing to the world of implementation through education, the involvement of implementers, and simplifying the science for others. He is dedicated to IMPACT’s vision to “end the implementation gap” by helping organizations manage change and maximize the chances of success through focused strategic implementation.

He is a member of the Global Implementation Society, and serves as an Implementation Standards Committee member. Steven worked with Learning Forward as a Learning School's Alliance Facilitator, supporting schools nationally and internationally to implement effective professional learning systems. He was the past president of Washington and California Learning Forward, and that work propelled him to focus on empowering others through high-quality adult learning.

In addition to serving as an elementary teacher, Steven has experience serving as an elementary principal, middle and high school principal, assistant superintendent of instruction, and a coordinator of curriculum, instruction, and staff development for California County Offices of Education.

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Steven Carney


Developing the Right Recipe for Implementation Success

Active and effective implementation requires a set of 'active ingredients' combined with thoughtful planning and preparing.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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7:15 PM

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