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Val Olekshy

Education Consultant

Val's career opportunities include roles as a teacher, school and school authority leader, curriculum developer and University course facilitator and currently as an education consultant. Her passion includes project leadership and management with a focus on implementation design, practices, facilitative processes and measurement. She values continued learning opportunities that provide the space to meet new colleagues and hear their stories or practice.

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Val Olekshy


Cart Before the Horse? Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan or Implementation Plan – What Comes First?

Do your experiences, context or research knowledge lead you to plan for professional learning or implementation first? How does implementation thinking support professional learning (PL) design and practice? Why is context so important in connecting the dots between both PL and Implementation? Come share and learn how supports for professional practice were designed with an implementation lens and delivered through a comprehensive professional learning plan and measured to ensure our efforts resulted in impact.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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10:15 PM

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