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Janet Locascio

Principal, Home Choice Academy

Janet Locascio

Janet Locascio, M.A. Educational Leadership, is a veteran educator with over 30 years of experience in public education. Her career has spanned the age levels from Preschool through High School as a special educator, general education teacher, assistant principal, K-5 Schoolwide Title 1 building principal, special education program coordinator and currently as the site principal leading the growth and development of an alternative learning - parent partnership program, K-8, and the gifted and talented one day/week enrichment program for grades 2-5.

Her passion for equipping others with tools and strategies to create classroom communities built on positive relationships, mutual respect and trust are evident in her presentations and implementation support! The presentations over the past 20 years have encompassed the following: literacy implementation, assessment strategies, classroom management skills and strategies, mindfulness tools, and developing trauma-sensitive classrooms with systems, structures, and routines.

During the last 3 years, she has worked as an outside provider in classrooms teaching both teachers and students how to integrated daily mindfulness practices with social-emotional learning. Over 250 students to date have been positively impacted with personal skill-building and opportunities to take a (pause) during the day to “create a little calm within life’s chaos”.


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