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IMPACT Learning and Leading Group Joins Global Implementation Leaders for 4 days of Learning

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

All the E’s surface in attending and presenting at a conference: Excitement, Exhilaration, Exhaustion...Enticement to know more, Energy from peers and colleagues and Embedded learning when the conference is high quality. The Global Implementation Conference in Glasgow, Scotland delivered on all of those E’s and even more importantly created connections and networks for participants to continue to improve implementation of innovations to make an IMPACT in health, education, policy, research and social welfare contexts across the world.

Global Implementation Conference Plenary Session: Dean Fixen, Director, Active Implementation Research Network Jo Rycroft-Malone, Professor Implementation & Health Services Research Nhan Tran, Coordinator World Health Organization

Have you ever participated in a conference that is cross disciplinary from critical infrastructure segments such as health, education, social welfare, research, policy, public and philanthropic agencies? The Global Implementation Conference was an opportunity

“designed to facilitate learning through dialogue and networking to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience with colleagues who understand the challenge of delivering on complex change.” GIC Programme at Glance 2019

The conference delivered on its promise to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience with leaders in implementation from across the world. The IMPACT Learning and Leading team presented at the conference, collaborated with like minded organizations and individuals passionate about effective implementation and learned from practitioners, researchers and global leaders. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some key highlights that surfaced for our team while at the conference. I will start by sharing a piece about implementation fidelity that really resonated with me from a plenary session which included Dean Fixen, Director Active Implementation Research Network and President Global Implementation Initiative.

The plenary sessions offered thought provoking and stimulating concepts through dialogue and conversation. Dean Fixen, summed up questions we should ask about implementation fidelity simply and adequately:

  1. Are we doing what said we have said we would do?

  2. How do we know if we’re doing what we intend to?

  3. Are we getting results?

  4. How do we know we are getting results?

  5. Does it make a difference?

  6. If we are not doing what we intended to do... what is getting in the way?

  7. What about the status quo is getting in the way?

Our goal as leaders, researchers, policy makers, innovators and implementers is to END the IMPLEMENTATION GAP (sign our PLEDGE please!) and to do so it is our responsibility to simplify and operationalize actions, steps, infrastructure resources and supports to realize the promise of the innovation or intervention. If we are implementing but the innovation or intervention is not scaling what is the point? These seven questions help guide an implementation team to develop an infrastructure to gather data, and engage stakeholders and practitioners to collaborate in professional learning structures to address the questions.

Being able to problem solve and collaborate with leaders from across the world is powerful and inspiring but bringing it home and putting the lessons into practice is what matters. Join us in our journey to unpack the learning via IMPACT LLG articles and podcasts. Subscribe on our website:

Jenice Pizzuto

IMPACT Learning and Leading Group



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